Snow, snow, thick, thick, snow

“Snow, snow, thick, thick, snow” sums up the current situation in South Wales perfectly.

A view from our kitchen window at 8.00 a.m. March 2nd.

I woke up this morning to no central heating and must wait until Monday or Tuesday for British Gas to attend for boiler repair. We are actually quite lucky because it looks like a pump or valve problem which means that we still have hot water (via an immersion heater) and electricity (for our 2 convector heaters) . Others are not so lucky.

Still, the snow falls outside. It’s pretty but it’s dangerous. Our neighbour is trying to dig out a path on the road with his mechanical digger. The UK is never well equipped for these weather conditions despite the advanced warning. It seems that plundering supermarket shelves of supplies is what passes for ‘being prepared’ – reactive rather than proactive perhaps.

Currently, I’m enjoying relearning all about Javascript, CSS and HTML in preparation for projects that involve the Earth Balm music material. I do seem to be stuck in a cycle though.

Wherever you are, keep safe.

Looks like Red Cow Music in York, one of my favourite music shops, is about to close.



Bandcamp files

I have some 20+ audio ready files to begin the Earth Balm Bandcamp page. They are mastered at ACC levels ready for Bandcamp’s audio processing. I’ve almost finished the artwork for the cover of an EP of 5 tracks. They are not really representative of the majority of my tracks but they served as a quick and easy way in to give me the kick that I needed to start again.

More when the tracks are uploaded and ready.

Thanks for reading.

archer in drop bvox volumetric


The weather here has been fine and warm all day and I’ve had the chance to listen to Classic FM and my Coke Studio Pakistan CDs whilst travelling in the car. I’m inspired to say how important artistic expression is – music, writing, art, dance et al. Gosh dang it all :).

I’m hoping to find time to properly update the blog in two weeks time.

Photograph of me solo at the Islwyn Acoustic Club
Solo at the Islwyn Acoustic Club