Andy Summers

One of my favourite guitarists is Andy Summers and I’ve recently been working on improving my playing of his Police era style ‘guitaring’ to add texture to my Earth Balm re-recording and new track work. I admire the palm muting, chord voicing, tone, effects use and the philosophy of ‘less is more’ in the work. I might even invest in some Mooer effects pedals to model his sound (no, he doesn’t use or endorse them but they are a cost effective way to get his trademark sound). The Elec Lady (now I believe called the E Lady) is particularly good.


Recording the electric guitar

I think that I may have solved my problem of recording my electric guitar.

I tried using the Peavey Vypyr 75 (mentioned in the previous post) as an audio interface today but found it a little too muddy without much fiddling and adjusting of the presets. I then tried using Native Instruments Guitar Rig in Logic and found most of the presets fairly bland and noisy though this might be due in part to some rusty technique. I then fed the headphone (speaker emulated) output of my Blackstar HT-1R into the line-in inputs of my Presonus Inspire audio interface, turning off the amp reverb and using Logic’s own reverbs, delays and modulation effects. Great results, not perfect but great! Clean hum free input with my modified Ibanez Blazer (Kent Armstrong humbucking blade pickups) that bothers nobody. And I can always put a dynamic mic in front of the speaker for recording when there’s nobody about.

Blackstar HT-1R not for sale!
A photograph of 2 (1981 Japanese ) Ibanez Blazers
My favourite guitar (left).

Retirement (at last)

Today is the first day of my official retirement (from teaching). So far it has consisted of nothing but phone calls to HMRC to sort out tax state pension and national insurance queries. I’m wondering what I should do next. Look for employment? Go self employed? Take a break and sort out the long list of jobs that require doing around the house?

Meanwhile, I’m still deleting school files and shredding school documentation. Looking forward to creating some music. At least I don’t face a 7.45 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. day with added marking when I get home – big smiley 🙂 .



Take a Break

I’m going to be taking a break for a short while to say goodbye to my father, spend quality time with my family, wind up my teaching job and work on my guitar playing / performing. Take care everybody, see you soon.


Photograph of myself and Nigel Hodge at the Castle jam night. Copyright info to follow.
Photograph of myself and Nigel Hodge at the Castle jam night. Copyright info to follow.



The weather here has been fine and warm all day and I’ve had the chance to listen to Classic FM and my Coke Studio Pakistan CDs whilst travelling in the car. I’m inspired to say how important artistic expression is – music, writing, art, dance et al. Gosh dang it all :).

I’m hoping to find time to properly update the blog in two weeks time.

Photograph of me solo at the Islwyn Acoustic Club
Solo at the Islwyn Acoustic Club