Aeon Soul Skylys

I gave in to temptation and purchased this yesterday from Runtimedna. It’s very difficult to buy ready and well made 3D content that isn’t very revealing and Aeon Soul’s work is a case in point. But I understand – it’s market demand. I would be foolish for any content creator to put in the required work without any possibility of sales. And, it’s bare flesh and titillation that seems to sell on the 3D content web sites.

I’ve already rendered in Reality / LuxRender (see below) with the Skylys clothing item and I think that it looks beautiful.

My Render featuring Aeon Soul's "Skylys" outfit and Jack Tomalin's "Winterdark Halls" environment.
My Render featuring Aeon Soul’s “Skylys” outfit and Jack Tomalin’s “Winterdark Halls” environment.

Daz Tomalin Sale

Daz 3D has a flash sale on Jack Tomalin’s catalogue at the moment. I’m sure to be tempted.

Find the sale here

Sacrament photograph. Copyright Jack Tomalin.
Sacrament photograph. Copyright Jack Tomalin.

JT Marrakesh Souks.

I finally bought Jack Tomalin’s Marrakesh Souks in the Mid month PA sale on Daz 3D yesterday. The detail on the model is fantastic. I am currently rendering in Luxrender via Reality and will post the result when it is finished.

The item is back to full price now but will probably be reduced again when jack’s work finally appears in the full Premier Artist sale.


Picture of Marrakesh Souks by Jack Tomalin. Copyright Jack Tomalin.
Picture of Marrakesh Souks by Jack Tomalin. Copyright Jack Tomalin.

Jack T

Daz is certainly keeping us waiting on tip toe for Jack Tomalin’s appearance in the Premier Artist promotion. Two weeks gone and not a glimpse or whiff of Jack’s items. I’ve looked at other similar products as they have appeared but nobody else seems to get the level of detail or the realism that Jack does. His attention to correct scale in the textures seems to be one of the things that sets his work apart, that and using textures for models rather than procedurals.

Daz PA Sale

I have it on good authority (JT himself) that Jack Tomalin will be featured in the Daz 3D Premier Artist Festival sale. We don’t know when, that’s in the hands of Daz 3D. But I do have some paypal credit from guitar and recording equipment sales that I have earmarked for spending on Jack’s item. He also told me that there will be a brand new item available.