Sorting out my Mac, PCs etc. today, I came across the freeware version of Rebirth (came as a download for registering Reason). I installed it and was instantly filled with possibilities. It is available now for the iPad. When I get some new iTunes credit, I’ll pop over to the apps store and get it (£10.49).

Here’s the promotional video:



I recently downloaded the free iPad app Launchkey from Novation. I think it’s intended to be used with Novation’s Launchkey hardware controllers but it’s a great piece of software in its own right!

I can’t wait to let a class of children loose on it. Here’s a slightly silly video demo:


iC Pro

I bought iC Pro for Cubase from the apps store a couple of weeks ago but try as I might, I couldn’t get it to control Cubase Artist 7.5 on my iMac. I downloaded the manual and followed the instructions to the letter and did the same with the on screen help that came with the app. I contacted Steinberg support and looked at the Steinberg knowledge base – all to no avail. Yesterday, I searched Youtube and found this video.

Fantastic – it explains setting up an ad hoc network on the Mac, disabling WiFi on the iPad and selecting the ad hoc network on tablet. And… it’s a Steinberg video. There ought to be a direct link to it on the Steinberg iC Pro product page? It would have made things so much simpler!

There’s a little latency using iC Pro to control the mixer in Cubase but it’s looking good and my songs for remixing count is now up to 60.

Plenty to do over the next few months!

Here’s the page with the full Steinberg video count:

iFretless Bass App Review

So now I need to add an iPad to my “need-to-get” list? I love the possibilities that this triggers in my thinking.

iFretlessIconThere are so many music apps available online that it is sometimes hard to filter through and find the truly inovative apps that will truly change the way we make music. Even when you do stumble on an app that you think might fit into this category it takes me several videos and a ton of reading to fully believe enough to actually pull the trigger and purchase the app.

iFretless Bass is one of those apps. I have been looking at this app for a while now and after seeing a YouTube video this weekend I decided it was time to make a purchase. Here are the two reasons I think this app is going to be a blast to start using;

  1. The interface allows for a new method of interaction not easily done on a piano style interface. This interface allows for so much more expression and…

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