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My bubble in Cyberspace

I have begun reading UKLG’s “The Wind’s Twelve Quarters” and this morning finished reading the story “April in Paris” and it illustrates perfectly (for me) the profundity of the author. Most other writers would have had the main characters  (who have used ancient magic to meet) die at the hands of the supernatural to ‘restore the cosmic balance’ but not Ursula K Le Guin. She has them all walk off together into the sunshine (dare I say, “Happily ever after”?). No lesson cruelly learned or any intervention of fate, just four lonely humans and an equally lonely dog enjoying the company of each other.

Daoist indeed.

Apologies for a title that has little or perhaps everything to do with the post.


Tom’s Midnight Garden

I finished reading Philippa Pearce’s “Tom’s Midnight Garden” yesterday. I’m glad to say that I’d forgotten a lot of details about the book over the last 40 years since my previous reading. I was still moved when Tom finally met Mrs Bartholomew even though I knew it was coming. I had forgotten that Hatty became older and younger during the course of Tom’s wanders around the garden even though Tom himself didn’t. And best of all, I had completely forgotten that this was NOT a time-switch story. I shall read it again asap to check the clues Philippa Pearce placed in the narrative.

Recommended reading for old and young alike!


EDIT: I’ve changed my mind: It has to be a time-switch story because of the skates!

The Bigger Picture day

Fantastic day spent with Dr. Maria Hayes, Blanche Rowen, Guto Dafis, Heulwen, Holly, Jordan and Nathe at the Bigger Picture business training. So much to take in and it was essential that I heard from people who are already working as musicians talking on a business level. Lots of advice, information and good practice tips. All organised by Blanche at Trac-Cymru.

Thanks to everybody involved.

Bigger Picture

I’m off to this even today: https://event.bookitbee.com/6295/the-bigger-picture-y-darlun-mwy/.

The course includes:

•    Looking at the career pattern for creative self-employment
•    Deciding when and how to go self-employed
•    Time management and work options
•    Business basics
•    Money – National Insurance, tax, keeping and submitting accounts
•    Marketing and networking

I’ve been very much looking forward to this first step in my musical rebirth since I first found out about it. Which post again tonight.