iBook Project Costumes

I’m currently working on the costumes for the figures in the iBook project. I don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to model in 3D though I do have suitable apps. Acquiring knowledge of anything with a steep learning at the moment will just delay progress so I’m using what I already know to modify models I’m already licensed to use. My first 30 page A3 sketch book seems to be filling up rapidly.

Dwi’n wrth fy modd.

Initial costumes and possible procedural texturing for iBook project.

Orestes Graphics on Daz 3D

Having decided that I wasn’t going to spend any more of what little cash I have on 3D modelling and rendering resources, I jumped at the chance to invest in some files when a flash sale was announced for Orestes Graphics at Daz 3D. I purchased the Vega Systems Skydomes  – a set of hdri photo files that, in addition to providing a background for model renders, also add additional lighting to a scene. I am very and happy and believe the purchase to be money very well spent. As you see in the quick render below, instant new solar system! I’ll need to add spotlights to light the figure more effectively and generally tweak the scene but I love the results!


Here’s a different scene with my same figure and Orestes HDRI:



Updated figure

Here is the main iBook character with some facial morphs added and a new texture (Rena by Gypsy Angel). Loving the Reality / Lux renders!

Picture of Earth Balm iBook character. Copyright Dale P Warner 2014.
Picture of Earth Balm iBook character. Copyright Dale P Warner 2014.

Some eBay sales means I’ve been able to purchase an up-to-date PC for music development (the iMac has become dedicated to visual work). At last I can use Acid Pro 7 in addition to Cubase Artist 7.

Earth Balm iBook

Been using Mac OSX Maverick for a week now – I’m sold on it. iBooks on a Mac is fantastic to have, at last I’m now able to preview anything I do on iBooks Author. I’ll be integrating work I’ve done in Daz Studio with the Earth Balm audio and video for the iBook I’m working on. The audio will be based around a set of five World / Ambient crossover compositions I created a few years ago but never released. I’ll be remixing them prior to including them in the project. I’m trying to follow some xCode lessons to make the book more interactive. Thinking also of using Collada exports to add some 3D files to the iBook. This’ll be a good few months in the making and I’ll post progress here. I’ve downloaded a few free books from the iBook store to see what is being done with it. Are there any books that anybody can recommend, free or pay for that use the technology to its full extent – kinda pushing the envelope (or page) as it were?

PS Is anybody reading any of this?

Here’s a test render of a character for the book’s graphics:

Test render of a character for earth Balm iBook.
Test render of a character for the Earth Balm iBook.