My first electric guitar

I have just visited bricks and mortar shop and enjoyed playing several guitars – a Tokai sunburst double bound Tele copy, a Freshman electro acoustic and a Shaftesbury Barney Kessell copy – the actual very first electric guitar I owned and which I ‘swapped’ for a CSL Tele Custom guitar with the shop’s owner back in   the (very) late 70s. The pickups, bridge and pots had been upgraded but the guitar still plays as well as it did when I first owned it.

Below is a photograph of it when I owned it. If I’d had a camera with me, I’d have asked if I could have taken a photograph as it is now.

Ah, nostalgia – it’s a thing of the past!

Photograph of my original Shaftesbury Barney Kessel copy guitar.
Photograph of my original Shaftesbury Barney Kessel copy guitar.

More Pedals

Received two more foot pedals today (via Ebay) for my guitar pedalboard. Both in the same auction and both ‘manufactured’ by Tom’sLine Engineering (they are probably ‘badge engineered’ so could possibly be from the same factory as my Mooer but I’m not sure). They are an ‘Ocean Verb’ and a ‘Vintage Overdrive’. The ‘Ocean Verb’ has a shimmer option which seems to create quite a large ‘tail’ on the reverb – very nice on some settings an a little over the top on others. The ‘Vintage Overdrive’ doesn’t really have a lot of distortion but with the gain turned down and the volume turned up adds some valve character and a volume boost.

Very nice indeed.


Andy Summers

One of my favourite guitarists is Andy Summers and I’ve recently been working on improving my playing of his Police era style ‘guitaring’ to add texture to my Earth Balm re-recording and new track work. I admire the palm muting, chord voicing, tone, effects use and the philosophy of ‘less is more’ in the work. I might even invest in some Mooer effects pedals to model his sound (no, he doesn’t use or endorse them but they are a cost effective way to get his trademark sound). The Elec Lady (now I believe called the E Lady) is particularly good.


Retirement (from teaching)

Just five working days left now before I retire from teaching. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next, I’ll need to find paying work but I intend that whatever I do, I will have time for playing in a band. Hopefully, something proggy and with a broad sound palette. To start: perhaps some jam session attendance?

Photograph of Dale Warner in Born sinners LA club, Swansea 1985.
It’s me in Born Sinners @ the LA club, Swansea 1985ish.