Jack Tomalin, best yet.

Daz 3D has just released another Jack Tomalin 3D model product. Winterblack Tower has  to be Jack’s best work yet. It is beautifully detailed and incrdedibly modelled with all of Jack’s attention to modelling and texturing detail. I’d jump to buy it, even at $23 but for the fact that you need a 4GB graphics card to make the best use of it and my ageing MacPro doesn’t have the capability for a graphic card upgrade.



Jack Tomalin Purgation

Another Platinum Club anniversary at Daz 3D and another fantastic Jack Tomalin product- Purgation! I could tell it was a JT product even from the thumbnail in the Daz 3D email – such fantastic attention to detail. His back catalogue is also reduced for now. Find it here. I’m bound to succumb to temptation and buy even though I don’t have the money.

Purgation 3D model by Jack Tomalin from Daz 3D. Copyright Daz 3D and/or Jack Tomalin 2017.

Aeon Soul Skylys

I gave in to temptation and purchased this http://www.runtimedna.com/SkylysV4.html yesterday from Runtimedna. It’s very difficult to buy ready and well made 3D content that isn’t very revealing and Aeon Soul’s work is a case in point. But I understand – it’s market demand. I would be foolish for any content creator to put in the required work without any possibility of sales. And, it’s bare flesh and titillation that seems to sell on the 3D content web sites.

I’ve already rendered in Reality / LuxRender (see below) with the Skylys clothing item and I think that it looks beautiful.

My Render featuring Aeon Soul's "Skylys" outfit and Jack Tomalin's "Winterdark Halls" environment.
My Render featuring Aeon Soul’s “Skylys” outfit and Jack Tomalin’s “Winterdark Halls” environment.

Stonemason – Daz3D

Daz 3D vendor “Stonemason” has released an absolutely fantastic model of London available herehttp://www.daz3d.com/the-streets-of-old-london . I have to confess that I can ill-afford to spend money at the moment but temptation overpowered me (I tried to resist, I really did) and my Paypal stash was plundered for the offer price of $22.23.

Here’s a sample of the model from the Daz product item page:

Graphic of the Daz 3D / Stonemason product "Streets of London".
Graphic of the Daz 3D / Stonemason product “Streets of London”.

Looks good, methinks!