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I had been intending to post something about my Ursula K Le Guin ‘Road to Damascus” moment or my current fascination with playing the electric bass guitar and its re-awakening of learning from Jazz Improvisation classes that I attended in the early 1990s but instead thought I’d point any and everybody who is interested in using 3D modelling software to create graphics to an absolute bargain. Daz 3D currently have the Genesis 2 series Gia 6 starter bundle free, gratis and for nothing. It’s worth remembering that the base Daz Studio app and a whole lot of content is also completely free.

Here’s the Daz illustration:

Gia 6 starter bundle illustration. Copyright

There you go, I feel much better for sharing that!

Stonemason Library at Daz 3D

I cannot possibly justify purchasing the product at the moment but Stonemason and Daz 3D have just released probably my favourite ever product. The Gothic Library has an introductory price of $25.87 and has some of the most detailed texturing I’ve seen in 3D models. Additionally, it’s a library – just the ticket (bookmark?) for any bibliophile.

All illustrations below are copyright Stonemason and Daz 3D and I’ve included them to show just how wonderful this item is.




Aeon Soul Skylys

I gave in to temptation and purchased this yesterday from Runtimedna. It’s very difficult to buy ready and well made 3D content that isn’t very revealing and Aeon Soul’s work is a case in point. But I understand – it’s market demand. I would be foolish for any content creator to put in the required work without any possibility of sales. And, it’s bare flesh and titillation that seems to sell on the 3D content web sites.

I’ve already rendered in Reality / LuxRender (see below) with the Skylys clothing item and I think that it looks beautiful.

My Render featuring Aeon Soul's "Skylys" outfit and Jack Tomalin's "Winterdark Halls" environment.
My Render featuring Aeon Soul’s “Skylys” outfit and Jack Tomalin’s “Winterdark Halls” environment.

Daz Tomalin Sale

Daz 3D has a flash sale on Jack Tomalin’s catalogue at the moment. I’m sure to be tempted.

Find the sale here

Sacrament photograph. Copyright Jack Tomalin.
Sacrament photograph. Copyright Jack Tomalin.