A list of the samples collections I use (all legal and that is very important to me):

  • Deepest india from Zero-G
  • Pure R ‘n’ B from Zero-G
  • Total Rex from Zero-G
  • Voices of Native America 2 from Q Arts
  • Heart of Asia from Spectrasonics
  • Drone Archeology from Numerical Sound
  • Studio India from Best Service
  • Spiritual Voices from Best Service
  • Voodoo Grooves from Best Service
  • Hallelujah from Best Service
  • Ethereal Atmospheres from Soundscan
  • Arabian Traditions from Soundscan
  • Celtic Flavours from Soundscan
  • African Traditions from Soundscan
  • Percussive loops from Pro Samples
  • Hip Hop from Pro Samples
  • Rare Ethnic Instruments from Pro Samples
  • Brass Elements from Time and Space
  • Trance Formation from Time and Space
  • Spices of India from Time and Space
  • Live Bass Grooves from Time and Space
  • World Class Breaks from Time and Space
  • Ethnic Flavours from Time and Space
  • Voices of Africa from Time and Space
  • Drum Foundations with Simon Phillips 1 and 2 from Session Loops
  • Ill Jointz from East West
  • Tremor from Soundisc
  • Monster WAV Pack from Data Becker
  • Sound Collections 1, 2 and 3 from Ejay
  • Acid Ethnicity from Sony
  • Loops from Acid Pro 7 from Sony
  • Cubasis samples from Steinberg

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