Eye of Hokusai

Please be advised that near the middle of the following programme there is a sequence on Hokusai’s erotic work with some obfuscation of the more ‘sensitive’ parts of the works.


“The Great Wave” PBS documentary…


No Snow White — Calmgrove

Archie Goodwin (writer) & Walter Simonson (artist) Alien: the Illustrated Story Titan Books 2012 (1979) Originally issued forty years ago and timed for the release of the film, Alien: the Illustrated Story has a different narrative vibe from the movie while essentially giving us the same tale. Where the screen version used muted colours and […]

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A brief guide to Blastburn — Calmgrove

I’ve just started my reread of Joan Aiken’s standalone title Midnight is a Place (1974) and thought I’d say a few introductory words about the fictional town of Blastburn which features so strongly in this novel, set as it is in both an alternate history (or uchronia) as well as an alternate world (or paracosm). […]

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Delayed gratification — Calmgrove

Eva Ibbotson: The Secret of Platform 13 Macmillan Children’s Books 2009 (1994) A quest to find a missing prince. A portal that opens for a few days every nine years. A rescue mission by a hand-picked team. Obstacles to be overcome — or else disaster follows. Eva Ibbotson writes a witty narrative that combines a […]

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