Once-upon-a-time realms — Calmgrove

Inverted commas 9: Imaginary Worlds Imagination like all living things lives now, and it lives with, from, on true change. Like all we do and have, it can be co-opted and degraded; but it survives commercial and didactic exploitation. The land outlasts the empires. The conquerors may leave desert where there was forest and meadow, […]

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Two Annes for the Bard — e-Tinkerbell

I’ve always been intrigued by the Bard’s choice of wife and in particular by their age difference, Shakespeare was, in fact, 8 years younger than Anne Hathaway. You may say 8 years is not that much, having a toy boy as partner or husband has become quite common (Mr Run is 7 months younger than […]

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“A near-divine miracle” — Calmgrove

Lucy Mangan: Bookworm. A memoir of childhood reading Vintage 2018 “[Y]ou simply never know what a child is going to find in a book (or a graphic novel, or a comic, or whatever) — what tiny throwaway line might be the spark that lights the fuse that sets off an explosion in understanding whose force […]

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Sea cruise, baby! — Lizzie Ross

No need to get excited. I plan to travel virtually, in honor of Herman Melville’s 200th birthday. Over the next few months I’ll be aboard stories set on ships (with perhaps a rowboat or two) that will take me up rivers, across oceans, and through canal locks. While the blog-o-meters clock pages conquered in Moby […]

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Earth Day Music: Reflections in the Water — a pianist’s musings

Every year on April 22, people around the world observe Earth Day as a way to honor our planet (and bring awareness to any environmental issues). So today’s blog post is a compilation of Earth Day music from my album A Million Skies to help celebrate our beautiful earth. Echoes in the Mist Echoes in…

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Smoke, mirrors and planes — Calmgrove

Christopher Priest: The Adjacent Gollancz 2013 “We were naïve, all of us but especially me — we thought we were making a breakthrough into something that would neutralise weapons. It would always be safe to use, non-aggressive in nature, harmless because it would remove harm. But what we all feared soon came to pass: minds […]

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