In like a lion — Calmgrove

Tomorrow sees the meteorological first day of spring with the arrival of March, a month which itself begins with St David’s Day. For the next 31 days I shall be joining in the Wales Readathon (aka Dewithon19) by reading and reviewing books with a Welsh slant, right through to the end of the month; and […]

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Volumetric fog effects in Daz Studio

People who have read posts I have written on this blog will probably know that I love the effects of light in the environment and the way these effects are emulated in art – painting, photography (including cinematic) and digital artwork. I have enjoyed using Vue for creating such effects but have been somewhat defeated in trying to use Daz Studio content imported into Vue. Recently, I purchased fog camera by marshian whilst it was on offer at Daz 3D. I need to read more detailed notes about using the product by I’m pleased with initial results.

Photograph of render using Daz Studio and fog camera product by marshian.


Things that make a man — Calmgrove

Inverted Commas 8: Wintersmith With a little over a month to go to a miserable Brexit, I thought I’d quote this skipping rhyme from Terry Pratchett’s fantasy Wintersmith to illustrate my belief that for some people you can provide the ingredients that make up a human but they may still lack the essentials that would […]

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Hive Mind

I’ve been scanning a good deal of old documents for archiving recently. Whilst scanning, I’ve been fascinated watching JPthebeeman’s videos on youtube.

I’ve read a lot of science fiction (and fantasy) that features ‘the hive mind’ but I didn’t really understand the idea until I saw this:

Interlace and the gimp — Calmgrove

Kathy Hoopman: Lisa and the Lacemaker An Asperger Adventure Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2002 Lisa lives largely in a world of her own, tolerating a select few friends and family members but otherwise extremely sensitive to sensory over-stimulation. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a strong imagination or a rich mental landscapes; and it doesn’t […]

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Monmouth Trip

We took a trip to Monmouth today and I used the opportunity to donate a ton of vinyl LPs, tape cassettes, books and musical instruments to a selection of charity shops in the town. Shops there seem much closer to the car park than other towns and cities we like to visit and it’s far enough away from home for me to be unlikely to see the items again and be tempted to buy any back.

I’d made a commitment (to myself) to avoid buying anything, as I’m trying hard to declutter. However I did find a great book in “The Dogs’ Trust” – a hardback copy of Terry Pratchett’s “The Bromeliad” collection (‘Truckers’, ‘Diggers’ and ‘Wings’). As it is the first TP book I’ll be reading that was written specifically for children, I’m interested in how he altered his style and vocabulary.

Yer Tis:

Cover graphic of ‘The Bromeliad’ by Josh Kirby. Copyright Doubleday 1998.

An absolute bargain at £2.00!