Bleak midwinter — Calmgrove

Susan Cooper: The Dark is Rising Vintage Classics 2013 (1973) If, in a fantasy set during the twelve days of Christmas, you’re expecting lords leaping, geese laying or partridges in pear trees then you’d be sorely disappointed: despite the fact that there are seasonal gifts for young Will Stanton this is no twee tale of […]

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Where does space begin? — The Science Geek

Happy New Year to all my readers and followers. Many of you will be aware of the recent test flight of the Virgin Space Ship Unity. On 13 December 2018 it reached an altitude of 82.7 km and was widely reported in the media, for example the BBC news website, as reaching ‘the edge of […]

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App Update and Happy New Year — Technology in Music Education

It is New Year’s Eve, and we have had a very mellow day, and we are also going to have a very mellow evening. We’ll all be in bed long before the New Year arrives. 2018 was a year full of a number of major life moments for me, which I will write about later. […]

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Into the Heart of a Title — e-Tinkerbell

Heart of Darkness is by far one of the most suggestive title ever. Darkness is a universal archetype that we naturally associate to death, mystery, evil or a menace, but despite the dangers that we word dark excites, it ultimately attracts us like a magnet. Conrad in this novel takes us to a voyage into […]

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An end in sight — Calmgrove

As we start to pass through the portals of the New Year you may have noticed I still haven’t fully reviewed 2018. But how can one truly review something that isn’t yet complete? Let one meal be finished before we can start digesting, I say, and then we can contemplate the next smorgasbord! Here then […]

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