Jane and Charlotte — Calmgrove

Juliet Gardiner’s illustrated biography The World Within: the Brontës at Haworth (Collins & Brown 1992) is a kind of companion to Penelope Hughes-Hallett’s ‘My Dear Cassandra’: Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen (1990) issued by the same publishers a year or two before. The two titles to me recall Charlotte’s reported antipathy to Austen. It’s clear that Charlotte may have overreacted to gauche comments […]

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The Darkness behind the Locked Door — e-Tinkerbell

One of the most fascinating take on Wuthering Heights, in my opinion, is the Jungian interpretation, which sees Heathcliff as Catherine‘s dark side, her shadow. In the personal unconscious, the shadow consists of those desires, feelings, which are unacceptable, for both emotional or moral reasons : it is the dark side of human nature. Heathcliff represents her repressed […]

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The Power of Storytelling – Joan Aiken’s strange stories — Joan Aiken

Joan Aiken once described a moment during a talk she was giving at a conference, when to illustrate a point she began to tell a story. At that moment, she said, the quality of attention in the room subtly changed. The audience, as if hypnotised, seemed to fall under her control: “Everyone was listening, to […]

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EB… what it’s all about

I know I’ve linked to this video before but while I work on the older Earth Balm remixes, I thought I’d just provide a link to a video that ‘illustrates’ one of the tracks. It’s a ‘fan’ video and not an ‘official’ one (indeed there are no legitimate Earth Balm files available on the ‘net). I’ll create a simple official video compilation over the next few days using the original mixes.

Yer tiz:


It seems that I’m getting close to 30,000 ‘visits’ to the blog and I’m grateful to anybody who visits this little corner of the ether, more so for those who return.

Apologies for being quiet and not posting regularly or indeed for a while.

I’m currently doing what I’ve promised to do for a while and I’m reworking all of my old Earth Balm tracks in a tiny corner of a perishingly cold garage. It’s meant reviving some old software and recordings and a switch back to the Windows platform on an ageing PC.  When I’ve cast that little primate from my shoulder, I’ve many acoustic guitar pieces to immortalise in binary and to record fully on paper too.

Hope everybody is well in these puzzling, troubled and troubling times.


Earth Balm Bandcamp Cover Artwork

I’ve been busy recently; painting, decorating, song arranging and supply teaching and haven’t had time to work on the Earth Balm Bandcamp material. I’ve mastered it for uploading and have created album artwork using Vue and Daz Studio but have had a re-think in light of the artwork for the new Lankum album, created by Glyn Smith of Stag & Serpent design. I’m going to spend a little time trying to return to the pen and ink drawing that I loved in my younger days. If I can’t ‘get my chops back’, I’ll use the 3D software renders I have already prepared.

Lankum – Between the Earth and Sky album cover by Glyn Smith. Copyright assumed to be held by Lankum. Glyn Smith and/or Rough Trade.