Calm grove’s Aiken

Joan Aiken: Limbo Lodge (Dangerous Games in the US) Red Fox 2004 (1999) On the back cover of my edition of Limbo Lodge is a quote from Philip Pullman: What I relish in particular is the swiftness of the telling, the vigour with which brilliant moments of perception seem to be improvised in the sheer […]

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Bandcamp files

I have some 20+ audio ready files to begin the Earth Balm Bandcamp page. They are mastered at ACC levels ready for Bandcamp’s audio processing. I’ve almost finished the artwork for the cover of an EP of 5 tracks. They are not really representative of the majority of my tracks but they served as a quick and easy way in to give me the kick that I needed to start again.

More when the tracks are uploaded and ready.

Thanks for reading.

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Calmgrove’s Bads

“Who’s the daddy?” is a Cockney phrase used to imply the dominance of the speaker — to which the statement “You’re not the boss of me now” could be seen as an optimistic rejoinder — but, too often, the daddy turns out to be a bad ‘un. The big bad boss figure — the bully boy or the strong-arm man, sometimes a threatening […]

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Calmgrove’s Northern Struggle

Philip Pullman: Once Upon a Time in the North Engravings by John Lawrence David Fickling Books 2008 A Texas cowboy. A gas balloon. A settlement by the Barents Sea. A polar bear. Local politics. Dirty secrets. And … Action! Philip Pullman’s fantasy of derring-do near the Arctic Circle paints a vivid picture that reads like a film script […]

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