Screenshot of Kontakt 5 from Native Instruments.
Screenshot of Kontakt 5 from Native Instruments.

Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5 is my software sampler of choice. A software sampler is an application that allows the user to load and play small samples of recordings that can be edited to emulate the characteristics of the instruments from which the sounds originated.

Below is a list of the sample sets I have (all licensed legally for me to use):

Best Service – Complete orchestral Collection

Best Service Ethno World 4

Balinese Gamelan (Discovery series)

Cuba (Discovery series)

West Africa (Discovery series)

Session Strings

Session Horns


The Maverick (piano)

The Grandeur (piano)

The Gentleman (piano)


Embertone Arcane

Embertone Harmonette

Embertone Jubal flute

8Dio Barbary

8Dio Free Angels

Tonehammer Beez

Tonehammer Bizarre Sitar

Tonehammer Sick

Sonokinetic Voices of Israel

Sonokinetic Rojin

Sonokinetic Gediz

Sound Iron pack 02 Turkish Guitar

Sound Iron pack 04 Children’s Choir

Sound Iron pack 06 Wooden Flutes

Sound Iron pack 11 Penny Whistle

Sound Iron Micro Choir

Sound Iron Mike-Rho Solo Tenor

Sound Iron Elvish choir

Sound Iron Holy Ambience

Sound Iron Phonautograms

Sound Iron Tiny Music box

Loopmasters Indian Drum Guru

Luxonix Cajon

Soundbrewer Authoharp

Soundbrewer Hammered Dulcimer

Audio Warrior Djembe

Ajatar Kantele

Frozen Plain Ancient Chordophone

Hollow Sun K3

Hideaway Studios Cinema Strings

Kong Audio Mini Dizi

M-55 Vibraphone

Precision Sound Angelic Pads 3 and 4

Waves Factory pipe organ

E-mu Soundfonts volume 3

Strezov Sampling Four Horns

Strezov Sampling two Trombones

ForceSampling Afterlife

Zero-G Formation

Zero-G Sounds of Polynesia

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