Coke Studio again

It’s been good visiting the Coke Studio Pakistan broadcasts again:

This stuff moves me as much as Byrd, Tallis et al.


More Rough guides

I had three Rough Guide CDs for my birthday recently, all excellent.

The rough guide to the music of China spans from the ancient tones of the erhu and pipa and the Inner Mongolian folk revival to original Shanghai jazz, Chinese Pop and the latest underground beats.

The rough Guide to the music of Palestine explores the diverse and wonderful array of music that springs out of adversity and expresses the deep roots of Palestinian identity.

The rough guide to Fado features a handpicked selection of some of the finest Fado musicians, both old and new.

All 3 CDs are worthy additions to my growing collection of these discs.

World Fusion

I’m rediscovering old CDs I have from years gone by, all in the “World Fusion” and “Ambient” genres – Dead Can Dance, Enigma, Deep Forest, Tangerine Dream, Kelvin L Smith, Ikarus, Ephemerid. I’m all ready for some Earth Balm writing, recording and ‘producing’ over the Christmas / New Year break!

Acidplanet Sepia themed earth balm graphic.
Acidplanet Sepia themed earth balm graphic.