Komplete Start

Audio plug-in creator Native Instruments has just announced the release of Komplete Start in February. It’s an introductory suite of audio apps / plug-ins and will cost nothing, yes… completely free. Well, free except for your email details, as you will need an NI account to qualify for registration and download.

I’m unsure as to whether Komplete Start will replace the current set of free ‘players’ and free content but this has to be the must-have DAW add-on for 2019. I shall certainly be  registering.


Completely unrelated, I have to mention that it’s taken me three whole days to seal the cistern leaks from a relatively simple siphon change. And there’s a possible big music event (as far as I’m concerned) in September but more about that some time in the future (hopefully).



I have purchased many, many Soundfonts over the years. Most of these are in the SF2 format which is now sadly quite dated and unsupported. There are several free sound font players on the market currently that use the SFZ format Sforzando (see graphic below) and Alchemy among them. I am currently working my way through the SF2 files and converting them to SFZ files using SFZed.

SFZed is a great utility but Windows only as far as I am aware.