Lost at sea — Lizzie Ross

Although I’ve been neither lost nor officially “at sea” since my last post, I’ve recently returned from a month away from city life, with 24/7 ocean views of sand, sea, sail, and sky. I watched the island-studded ocean, read, ate, read, walked, read, slept, read, ate, wrote a tiny bit, did touristy stuff, figured out […]

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Dark deeds and the Devil — Calmgrove

Philip Pullman: Count Karlstein Doubleday 2002 (1982) Exactly four decades ago this year [2013] as a student teacher I took part in a college production of Weber’s Der Freischütz, when I sang in the chorus and took a minor role as Prince Ottokar. First performed in 1821 this was a landmark opera sung in German, […]

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Time to take a longer rest…

I’ve been somewhat disappointed in the way things have changed in the world recently – the political move to the right in the UK and in the USA as an example. I think, therefore, that I need to take a long rest from the internet. I’ll keep this blog for the time being as perhaps somebody will find something useful on it and I’ll probably return to it sometime in the future. Thanks to everybody I’ve met here and please visit the bloggers I’ve listed in ‘blogs I follow’.

As a parting gift, here are some videos from somebody I’ve enjoyed watching recently..

Misselthwaite magic — Calmgrove

Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden Parragon 1993 (1911) “Magic is always pushing and drawing and making things out of nothing. Everything is made out of Magic… ” — Colin, in Chapter 23 Acknowledged as one of the best children’s classics of all time and frequently filmed (the latest due in 2020), The Secret Garden […]

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Yorkshire lasses — Calmgrove

An intriguing photographic image, with Les Sœurs Brontë written on its reverse, was found earlier this decade in a private Scottish collection by Robert Haley from Lancashire while he was researching for a book on Victorian photography. As Haley explains in detail on his Brontë Sisters website this monochrome picture of three young women, two […]

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Attention to detail — Calmgrove

Robertson Davies: World of Wonders (1975) in The Deptford Trilogy Penguin 2011 ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ — From the Letter to the Hebrews Davies’ Deptford Trilogy is completed by this, World of Wonders, and like the New Testament phrase from the Epistle to the […]

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