Carol Kaye and Leland Sklar

Came across these wonderful videos  on Youtube…

Carol Kaye:

Leland Sklar:

As you might gather, I have bass guitar fascination at the moment!


Both real and magical — Calmgrove

Cath Barton: The Plankton Collector New Welsh Rarebyte 2018 Winner of a New Welsh Writing Award for 2017 in the novella category, The Plankton Collector is one of those dreamlike pieces that at odd moments rises unbidden to the surface of this reader’s thoughts like a bubble from unknown depths. To describe it as magic […]

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Died o’ Fright — Calmgrove

The final (?) post in my exploration of Joan Aiken’s Dido and Pa. As a classically-trained musician I have been, as you might expect, intrigued by author Joan Aiken’s rhymes and allusions to tunes and other music in her fiction, particularly her short stories (one collection is called A Harp of Fishbones and a novella […]

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“A healthy, thoughtless child” — Calmgrove

Philip Pullman: Northern Lights Illustrations by Philip Pullman, cover alethiometer illustration by David Scutt His Dark Materials: Book One Alethiometer edition, with additional text by the author Scholastic Press 2007 (1995) It wasn’t Lyra’s way to brood; she was a sanguine and practical child, and besides, she wasn’t imaginative. No one with much imagination would […]

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Chinese Moon missions — The Science Geek

Like many people, I was very excited to hear the news on 3 January that the Chinese spacecraft, Chang’e 4, had landed as planned in the Von Karman crater on the far side of the Moon. Chang’e 4 in the Von Karman crater. The crater lies in the South Pole-Aitken basin on the far side of […]

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Dido and patterns — Calmgrove

Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring aspects of Joan Aiken’s alternate history fantasy Dido and Pa, focusing on chronology, places and people. To complete most of the picture this post will look at the novel’s tropes and themes, motifs and memes (there are subtle differences between all these, I know, but I’m choosing […]

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‘Joan Aiken changed my life…’ — Joan Aiken

Today, the 4th of January 2019 is, unbelievably, fifteen years since her death, and since I have been, as she asked me: ‘looking after the books’ on her behalf. A sad reflection, of course, but also a good moment to be thankful for all that I have been given. One of the great pleasures of […]

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