Happy new year to everybody.

Just a post to say that I’ll probably be mothballing my WordPress and Twitter accounts for a short while. I’ve finally got to the point where I’ve started remixing and re-recording Earth Balm music and I’ve begun with the track Enchantment. Usually, I work on several tracks at the same time but currently I’m limiting myself to one piece of music as I get to grips with mastering Logic Pro X. Hopefully, I’ll be kept busy and out of mischief and have a good reason not to be wasting money as Logic Pro X seems to have everything I ever really needed already contained in its DAW walls. I’m loving the flexibility and sheer range of choice with the Drum Track.

I shall of course be checking my favourite blog posters’ post from time to time but would like to apologise in advance if I don’t appear to be responding regularly.

Please, wish me luck.

Early screen shot of the work below…

enchantment mixing
Logic Pro X “Enchantment” project picture.

Shiva’s Dance

I really excited to be working on an old Earth Balm track “Shiva’s Dance”. I thought I only had a mixed copy of the track but found an original Cubase file when trawling through some old hard drive files. There’s a few missing audio files that I need to recreate or replace but the main midi information is all there.

Another Myspace Earth Balm graphic.
Another Myspace Earth Balm graphic.


I don’t think I’d ever have made a good enough keyboard player in a band. I’ve managed ‘playing’ in the past with simple pads for recording but I’m finding bass lines and lead lines a challenge for the Earth Balm re-recording. All good learning and discipline though. And, I’m really loving creating my own music again.