Requiem Mass

A beautiful requiem Mass today for my father, wonderfully handled by Father Stephen Kirk, the members of the Holy Trinity church, Ystrad Mynach  and Stanley Nicholas undertakers.

My heartfelt thanks to everybody who attended for honouring us with their presence.

Photos @ The Chapel

I didn’t take a lot of photos at last night’s Tony McManus gig – it always seems a shame to spoil other people’s enjoyment by setting off a flash and the internet is populated with thousands (if not more) of pictures of gigs. It’s a wonder that any artist can make a living when there are so many photographs and videos available. I did ask Tony and the concert organisers permission before I snapped away.

The photographs are:

Tony’s set up before the concert started (It was great to get close enough to see the signature PRS).

The inside of the venue (beautiful chapel, well maintained).

Tony signing my copy of “Mysterious Boundaries” in the interval (Bought three CDs and had three in mind).

Tony tuning up before the second set began (I just took this to have a picture of Tony with an instrument in his hands).

A brilliant night, I can’t believe there was an audience of just 49 (I counted them), has nobody in south Wales heard of this VERY talented man?


Tony McManus John Mann’s

The first in a fantastic set of videos from Tony McManus filmed at John Mann’s guitar vault. There’s some hilarious playing later in the series with “Stairway to Heaven” played in various styles, some groan worthy jokes and demonstrations of SE guitars plus a very special guest for a duet. Downside is the constant talking of the audience – they wouldn’t put up with it in any venue in my locality!

I’m hoping to get my ticket for this Thursday’s concert in Abergavenny, Wales, UK later today.

Mike Podesta, Cardiff PMT

Went to Cardiff this morning, PMT had its opening day and Mike Podesta is the manager. Result!

Already a thriving chain of stores, having Mike in charge of the Cardiff branch should see them conquer the principality.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Kissing the Sword

I finished reading Shahrnush Parsipur‘s autobiography “Kissing the Sword” this morning. It covers her years spent in prisons in Iran as a ‘political’ prisoner. How any person can survive through such experiences is inspirational – I doubt I could. Political extremism, whatever its colour or flavour is a dangerous animal and cares nothing about people on a human level.