I thought that I might start taking my time and make a proper effort with the blog. Perhaps re-organise and give all posts a structure and may be even rename – take out the ‘Music’ from the title as it’s as much about books (and children’s in particular) as is it about Music.



Photograph of meself on the North Yorkshire Moors.
‘Tis I, on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Andy Summers

One of my favourite guitarists is Andy Summers and I’ve recently been working on improving my playing of his Police era style ‘guitaring’ to add texture to my Earth Balm re-recording and new track work. I admire the palm muting, chord voicing, tone, effects use and the philosophy of ‘less is more’ in the work. I might even invest in some Mooer effects pedals to model his sound (no, he doesn’t use or endorse them but they are a cost effective way to get his trademark sound). The Elec Lady (now I believe called the E Lady) is particularly good.


Philip Taylor

I’ve met many wonderful and talented people through the internet. This morning I received a CD of all original guitar music by one such gentleman. I encountered Philip Taylor on the Acoustic Soundboard forum and his youTube channel is here. The CD is wonderfully relaxing, well played and the compositions a mix of many genres. Recommended listening and a worthwhile purchase. A worthy companion to “The Road to Easterbrook” by fellow forum member Robbie Jessop.

Expressive and beautiful

All opinions below are my own and are just that – opinions!

This morning I was lucky enough to discover one of the most beautiful and moving guitar solos I’ve ever heard. The guitarist was Guthrie Govan (who has to be one of the most skilled guitar players alive today) and the track was Steven Wilson’s “Routine” (see the link below, you’ll find the solo starting at 4.30 into the track. It is a somewhat understated guitar part for Mr Govan but it is so restrained and soulful that it fits the track perfectly. I have to add that I am enjoying Steven Wilson’s output increasingly as I hear more of it.