Lights Out

All quiet here on WordPress as I’m currently engaged in writing an (unsolicited) solo guitar arrangement of the utterly beautiful “Lights Out” by Frost* from the “Falling Satellites” album – written by Jem Godfrey. I’m using Logic to sequence it, Powertab to create the tablature / staff and pen and paper to record some chord and partial chord shapes I’ve employed. As noted elsewhere, my arrangement is in A major using standard guitar tuning (EADGBE) with a cop on the second fret and at 96 bpm. Having to learn to sing it too!

Cover of the Frost* album "Falling Satellites".
Cover of the Frost* album “Falling Satellites”.

Shaun Cromwell

Was rather taken by this excellent song and performance that I came across today:

I’m not on Facebook but he is:

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did.


I thought that I might start taking my time and make a proper effort with the blog. Perhaps re-organise and give all posts a structure and may be even rename – take out the ‘Music’ from the title as it’s as much about books (and children’s in particular) as is it about Music.



Photograph of meself on the North Yorkshire Moors.
‘Tis I, on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Philip Taylor

I’ve met many wonderful and talented people through the internet. This morning I received a CD of all original guitar music by one such gentleman. I encountered Philip Taylor on the Acoustic Soundboard forum and his youTube channel is here. The CD is wonderfully relaxing, well played and the compositions a mix of many genres. Recommended listening and a worthwhile purchase. A worthy companion to “The Road to Easterbrook” by fellow forum member Robbie Jessop.

York, and a new beginning

I returned to York this past weekend . It’s a beautiful place and it was as hard as ever to leave my son behind for his final degree year. More so because it’s become very obvious that he’ll almost certainly settle there permanently.


Unusually, I made the journey back alone. I’d taken quite a few of the CDs that inspired my love of World music and played them at a suitable volume for the 5 hour trip (a lot of traffic problem en route). I hadn’t played the music for some 10 – 15 years but can see where a lot of the early Earth Balm tracks and general sound originated. If I haven’t already done so, I’ll create a page listing some of these CD albums and, if they are still available, create links to Amazon etc. “Sacred Ceremonies” and “Hemisphere No More” were the two stand-out CDs.

One of the significant things for me, was that I had time to think about a new name for my music to replace Earth Balm.

I’ve also managed to load up the Mac Pro with the software I need and already use.