Hive Mind

I’ve been scanning a good deal of old documents for archiving recently. Whilst scanning, I’ve been fascinated watching JPthebeeman’s videos on youtube.

I’ve read a lot of science fiction (and fantasy) that features ‘the hive mind’ but I didn’t really understand the idea until I saw this:


A very informative presentation by the late Ray Bradbury in which he talks about the importance of metaphor in short stories:

Thanks again to Calmgrove for introducing me to Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.

The Legacy of Autism

Steve Silberman: NeuroTribes: the legacy of autism and how to think smarter about people who think differently Foreword by Oliver Sacks Allen & Unwin 2016 (2015) I have to admit that this wasn’t quite what I was expected when I began it. I was looking forward to an updated discussion of what autism actually is […]

via Towards a neurodiverse world — Calmgrove

The Bigger Picture day

Fantastic day spent with Dr. Maria Hayes, Blanche Rowen, Guto Dafis, Heulwen, Holly, Jordan and Nathe at the Bigger Picture business training. So much to take in and it was essential that I heard from people who are already working as musicians talking on a business level. Lots of advice, information and good practice tips. All organised by Blanche at Trac-Cymru.

Thanks to everybody involved.

PMT again

I paid another visit to PMT Music Cardiff on Sunday (December 20th) and was amazed at the amount and variety of stock on offer – far more than on its opening day. It seems that the store is off to a flying start sales wise.

Had I the funds and need, I’m sure I would have left the store with recording resources (hardware or software) but currently, all I need is the time to work on songwriting and recording.

I have to add that it looks rather like me trying out a guitar (A Faith in solid mahogany if it is me) in their Cardiff store shots.