An Féa Caol

An Féa Caol (David White’s Terz tuned guitar that I currently have guardianship of) has had a couple of days to aclimatise to being in Wales and to being subjected to my uncultured handling so I thought I ought to post a sound sample.
I’ve chosen my own arrangement of the Turlough OCarolan favourite “Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór”. It’s a single (third) take and recorded with an ageing Audio Technica MB4000C mic which refuses to run on phantom power so has an AA battery installed. I’ve had to get in close with the mic because it’s a little underpowered. I mention this because it hasn’t picked up the very sweet presence that An Féa Caol possesses though I hope I’ve managed to catch some of her sustain. Two files, the same recording (with quite a bit of ‘red recording light fever’ present) but the second with reverb. The tapping at the end of the files is click track spill, sorry.

Without reverb

With reverb

anthea at keiths


Acoustic Soundboard

I recently joined this acoustic guitar forum: . It’s good to know there are so many talented guitarists and amateur (in the sense that they don’t get paid ‘big bucks’) luthiers in the UK.

Enjoying time spent there very much.

Martin Simpson at Stefan Sobell’s

A BBC video of Martin Simpson talking guitars at Stefan Sobell’s guitar workshop.


I much prefer the English / European sound of the Sobell to the American sound of the PRS. Just my personal preference. I think it suits Martin’s playing more.



Nik Forster Blog

Following a newsletter email from guitar luthier Nik Forster, I have downloaded an e-book of his archived blog posts. The ‘book’ features many fascinating photographs of his guitars being built accompanied by very informative commentaries. The e-book is a fantastic idea from Nik. It is available from this page: Sign up for the newsletter while you’re at the page.