Cranes Music, Swansea

Cranes Music Store in Swansea is closing down and almost everything is 50%. I was trying a Hudson Little Wing acoustic when George (the owner, founder of Hudson guitars and co-founder ((I believe)) of Tanglewood) came across and suggested the two guitars he said were the best in the store: one in solid Rosewood and another in solid Mahogany. Both were wonderful but as I’m still awaiting a start date for work, buying anything is not an option for me. There were some really nice solid wood ukuleles and mandolins and a few fantastic banjos – mostly Hudson but some Gretches.  I spent 1 3/4 hours trying out the instruments without being hassled and I saw a lot of sold instruments go out the door.
Just thought people might like the heads up. I’m quite sad as I have been a customer of the store for some 30 years.

PMT Professional Music Technology and Mike Podesta

Paid a visit to Cardiff today and discovered that PMT (Professional Music Technology) music stores are opening up a branch in the capital (of Wales). Brilliant! They are a fantastic chain (although I’ve only purchased from Bristol before now) and the presence of 4 musical instrument outlets in Cardiff is bound to bring more musicians to Cardiff.

I later paid a visit to Cranes Music (one of my very favourite stores) and asked the whereabouts of manager Mike Podesta, as I haven’t seen him there for a while. I was told that he’s going to be the manager of PMT. Double fabulous!

I shall continue to be a customer of Cranes and Gamins and PMT. Win! Win! in the musical instrument purchases department.

Continuing to think about the victims of the events in Paris.

Cranes Music Store, Cardiff
Cranes Music Store, Cardiff
Mike Podesta with 81 Ibanez Blazer
Mike Podesta with my 81 Ibanez Blazer
Photograph of PMT music store, Bristol.
Photograph of PMT music store, Bristol.