I thought that I might start taking my time and make a proper effort with the blog. Perhaps re-organise and give all posts a structure and may be even rename – take out the ‘Music’ from the title as it’s as much about books (and children’s in particular) as is it about Music.



Photograph of meself on the North Yorkshire Moors.
‘Tis I, on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Emlyn’s Moon

I’m currently reading the second book of the “Snow Spider” trilogy – “Emlyn’s Moon”. It’s a great read. It’s more about the character Nia than the titular Emlyn at the moment. There are some truly effective passages that I know I’ll use in the future with my class(es) as exemplar of descriptive writing. There’s a kind of spiritual awakening for the main character Nia through the book and I’m looking forward to reading the resolution of her personal problems. The book is much more about the characters than the first in the trilogy. The narrative is less linear than “The Snow Spider” too.

Apologies for my ‘lumpy’ expressions in this post but it’s difficult to express my enthusiasm for this book in the trilogy.

Edit: just to explain and to clear up any misunderstanding, I love this book!


Earthsea Book 3

I finished the third Earthsea book this morning – blooming brilliant. Lots of high points including the dragon Orm Embar giving his life to help Ged and Arren defeat Cob, and the flight home on Kalessin. But, it’s the comments about equilibrium and consequences of actions that affect my reading the most. Just “Tehannu” left now from the “Quartet”. I’ve never read any Neil Gaiman and I saw “American Gods” on offer today. I hope it’s up to the hype (and I have a feeling it is)… though I wish I was beginning my Neil Gaiman journey with “The Ocean at the end of the Lane” or “The Graveyard Book”.