The Travelling Cat Chronicles

I’m sorry for the continued absence because of the job searching but I’m compelled to post after reading Hiro Arikawa‘s “The Travelling Cat Chronicles“. The book is a little too simply told for my preferences and quite short too. Several of the plot’s turns seemed telegraphed and it is sentimental in the extreme but it is so positive and life affirming that it’s a keeper for me. It’s joined the select band of some dozen and a half books that will stay with me until I shuffle this mortal coil. It didn’t hurt that the main narrator is a cat and I’m an unashamed feline fan. I’ll say no more as I’d prefer people read the book rather than my comments.

Hope everything is well out there in the world at large.


PS I have to add that I’ll be away from the web for longer whilst I mothball my Macs to try to end the search for paying employment.


Front cover of “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa. Copyright Penguin Books.

Celebrating Our 5th Year!… —

Its hard to believe its 5 years almost to the day that Hideaway Studio officially opened its doors and its a proud moment. Over the past 5 years I have captured tens of thousands of raw samples from hundreds of hours of recordings resulting in 23 releases for NI Kontakt. Tens of thousands of copies […]

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The Helpless, the Intelligent, the Bandit and the Stupid. — e-Tinkerbell

I’ve always been of the opinion that since very first human beings have made their presence known on this planet, they have always shown a very high opinion of themselves. Religion has given its contribution, of course, stating that we were the elected who had been made with the semblance of our creator and the […]

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Gormenghast reimagined — Calmgrove

William Beckford (born 1st October 1760, dying in 1844 at Bath) is a truly quixotic character, notorious in the Georgian period and worth more than the brief notice I am giving of him now. I find however that he and I have, in a manner of speaking, crossed paths in the past, and you might […]

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Magic spells — Calmgrove

Wandering Among Words 7: Gramarye If, as Alice Hoffman is everywhere quoted, “Books may well be the only true magic,” then she is only following a tradition that has been acknowledged in all literate cultures: writing is magic, and magic is the written word. We can point to the beginning of St John’s gospel to […]

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Merely raw materials — Calmgrove

Joan Aiken: The Haunting of Lamb House Jonathan Cape 1991 ‘Perhaps we are nothing but the raw materials of a ghost story.’ — Hugo to Toby Lamb A ghostly apparition, what does it signify? Misfortune? Death? Something lost or unfinished? Are inexplicable happenings evidence of a poltergeist or just the wild imaginings of the observer? […]

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#Author #Interviews: #Writer Laurel Wanrow Discusses Attending #Conventions & #Researching #History for #Worldbuilding & #Dialogue — Jean Lee’s World

Before kids, Laurel Wanrow studied and worked as a naturalist—someone who leads wildflower walks and answers calls about the snake that wandered into your garage. During a stint of homeschooling, she turned her writing skills to fiction to share her love of the land, magical characters and fantastical settings. Today Laurel answers some questions about […]

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