Acoustic Guitar Samples

Having recorded some guitar samples of David White’s Terz model acoustic guitar An Féa Caol and posted them on the Acoustic Soundboard forum, I thought I might post them on this blog too.

The files are stored in and shared from a dropbox account and you may be able to play them in a browser but you may also need to download the mp3 files to your computer to hear them.

All files are without any processing at all, just raw audio files (no compression, no reverb, no EQing) as recorded directly into the mic, except for conversion from wav to mp3. The purpose of the recordings was to demo the guitar’s untreated sonic beauty. Hence, no drop-ins or comped takes. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

anthea at keiths
Photograph of myself with An Féa Caol permission of Keith Chesterton.


Sheebeg n Sheemore (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Sheebeg n Sheemore with reverb (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Fair Annie (Martin Simpson arrangement)

Dacw Nghariad (Dale P Warner arrangement)

People Get Ready (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Greensleeves (Laurence Juber arrangement)

Granemore Hare (Martin Simpson arrangement)

Ashokan Farewell (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Cranham (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Two tunes adapted by Ralph Vaughan Williams (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Two tunes adapted by Ralph Vaughan Williams with reverb (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Only the Hangman (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Only the Hangman with reverb (Dale P Warner arrangement)

Here are some photographs of the rather wonderful guitar:

2018-04-02 12.28.50

2018-04-02 12.30.43

2018-04-02 12.30.38

2018-04-02 12.30.33

2018-04-02 12.28.58

2018-04-02 12.29.32