Earth Balm was and is a project that I began in the very early 2000s and have recently rebooted. The goal was to create music that had a spiritual and meditative character and which celebrated the sonic character of music from around the World. The remixed and rerecorded material will soon be available at my Bandcamp account.

“Beautiful dreamy soundscapes” “Calming and Meditative” “Great Asian tonalities and themes with a pleasant electronic foundation”
These are the comments of various reviewers who have listened to the Music of Earth Balm, music that draws influence from the whole vast sphere of World Fusion and New Age genres.
“From Wales, UK comes Earth Balm’s “Refuge in the Divine,” a spiritual celebration of consciousness blending world beats and new-age harmonies for a journey into the ethereal Middle East. Fans of Dead Can Dance will feel the healing qualities of songs like “Krishna Conscious (Hope remix)”, while the aptly named “A Taste of Incense” will raise your spirits and relax your celestial soul at the same time.”
Review by (original)  MP3.com staff for the May 2002 Hot Artist spotlight.
“Great trancy ambience with the soft beats, everything flows together well, like the bass and exotic sounds, this balm soothes.”
Review of Krishna Conscious at AcidPlanet.com.
“Pure enchantment. I love it !!!!  The beautiful way it evolves and the teriffic drum rhythms in it are just great. I do not know the language but it sounds very good for this song. I am totally into it. Very transporting….very lovely. It has for me an exotic sound of rare beauty. You have given us a gift in this song, I thank you for that.” “love that deep deep synth opener. . . . oh and that stereo flute . .love it!. works nicely with that chill’n beat. . .wonderful emotion. . .i also love blending electronic with other styles like ethnic or orchestral. . oh wow!. . .great vocal samples. .nice guitar. . . this was extremely cool.”
Reviews of Enchantment at AcidPlanet.com
“There are distant echoes of the classic sounds of; Enigma, Deep Forest, Delerium, Dead Can Dance, Ikarus, Jon Anderson and of more contemporary Asian Fusion artists such as; Talvin Singh, Karsh Kale and Nithin Sawhney but the music retains a very unique identity all of its own. The rhythms and harmonies create an aura of calm and meditation, elevating the listener to contemplate the spirituality that each of us possesses, regardless of our own Creed. From heart stirring bhodrán and tabla through sensual sitar and flute to inspiring ethnic vocal and fretless bass, the influences of all manner of Musics, Spiritualities and Cultures permeate the art.”
Earth Balm interviewed by Dave Latchaw.
Here’s a fan video from Youtube (I’ve never found out who posted it):
I play guitar and sing (mainly) in the folk idiom. Although I’ve been playing electric guitar since 1978, I’ve been playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar since 2006. Inspired by the music and arrangements of Martin Simpson and in particular the “The Bramble Briar” album I began experimenting with altered tunings (Csus2 is my personal favourite), arranging folk and hymn tunes and transcribing my favourites of Mr Simpson’s material (correcting many of my mistakes more recently). As a friend made me realise recently, it was like learning the guitar all over again – great experience and a re-kindling of enthusiasm! I will be making recordings of these guitar pieces available at my Bandcamp account.
I have always loved reading both fiction and non fiction though my opportunities to do so were severely hampered when I was a primary school teacher. From the age of 9 until 16, I was quite a prolific writer of fiction too, though not one of any great quality. From the age of 18 to 55 I wrote because the jobs demanded it but sometimes enjoyed it too! I have several favourite writers but their hierarchy changes from day to day. All are writers of books for children.
There are a few blogs kept by other people that I follow and some of them I read avidly. What most of them have in common is the theme of Music or Literature. I have consciously chosen blogs that support diversity and offer constructive and balanced commentary on the world and its riches. Please feel free to explore them from the links on this blog but please remember that I am not responsible for any content that they might contain.
Apologies for any adverts that appear on this blog. The site is one of the sites hosted free on WordPress.com and I have not purchased the No Ads upgrade as it is for information only.  WordPress are running ads to cover the costs of operating the site for the user. There’s more info about their approach to ad serving in this blog post.

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