Monmouth Trip

We took a trip to Monmouth today and I used the opportunity to donate a ton of vinyl LPs, tape cassettes, books and musical instruments to a selection of charity shops in the town. Shops there seem much closer to the car park than other towns and cities we like to visit and it’s far enough away from home for me to be unlikely to see the items again and be tempted to buy any back.

I’d made a commitment (to myself) to avoid buying anything, as I’m trying hard to declutter. However I did find a great book in “The Dogs’ Trust” – a hardback copy of Terry Pratchett’s “The Bromeliad” collection (‘Truckers’, ‘Diggers’ and ‘Wings’). As it is the first TP book I’ll be reading that was written specifically for children, I’m interested in how he altered his style and vocabulary.

Yer Tis:

Cover graphic of ‘The Bromeliad’ by Josh Kirby. Copyright Doubleday 1998.

An absolute bargain at £2.00!

2 thoughts on “Monmouth Trip

  1. Yes indeed, bargain! I’ve read his Johnny and the Dead which is also for children, but didn’t notice any radical change in vocabulary or dumbing down, just a young lead like Tiffany and a guest appearance by YOU KNOW WHO (he transcend worlds, doe he not). 🙂

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