The Travelling Cat Chronicles

I’m sorry for the continued absence because of the job searching but I’m compelled to post after reading Hiro Arikawa‘s “The Travelling Cat Chronicles“. The book is a little too simply told for my preferences and quite short too. Several of the plot’s turns seemed telegraphed and it is sentimental in the extreme but it is so positive and life affirming that it’s a keeper for me. It’s joined the select band of some dozen and a half books that will stay with me until I shuffle this mortal coil. It didn’t hurt that the main narrator is a cat and I’m an unashamed feline fan. I’ll say no more as I’d prefer people read the book rather than my comments.

Hope everything is well out there in the world at large.


PS I have to add that I’ll be away from the web for longer whilst I mothball my Macs to try to end the search for paying employment.


Front cover of “The Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa. Copyright Penguin Books.

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