Cubase and Logic help

Since retiring from full time work in February, my pension and part time wages haven’t been enough to cover my monthly bills and I’ve had to sell off some of my guitars and amps to cover the shortfall. However, I’ve been planning to work on my music files for a few years and kept some of the proceeds from the sales for upgrading my DAW to Cubase Pro 9.5 as its feature list is long and most marvellous indeed.

I diligently watched Steinberg’s ‘Festive Countdown’ sales offers (over the Christmas period) with my virtual cash at the ready . Everything except Cubase Pro appeared during the 12 day stint so I’ve decided to stay with Apple’s “Logic” DAW.

I’ve been with Cubase since I started recording with computers in December 2000 (at that time using it in tandem with Sonic Foundry’s “Acid Music” which had incredibly advanced pitch and time control but no midi or virtual instrument facilities) so was pretty au fait with how to make the most of it.

Now, I’m hoping that somebody out in the ether can recommend a truly comprehensive book that can help me utilise all of the features of Logic Pro X. I have the manual printed out and can refer to it but would like additional reference reading.

I’ve completed the task of turning all of the original Acid ‘stems’ into Logic files, including the Cubase / Cubasis VST generated audio but need to know how to make the most of facilities like side-chaining (particularly for gating audio), effects sends and returns and how to set up the mixer (I could go on and on). Next, I’ll be replacing audio with more modern sounding plug-ins and recording scratch tracks of guitar, bass and vocals. I need to do this because its my intention to alter keys and tempos and insert time signature changes (I’ve been bitten a little by the modern prog rock bug). It’s also my intention to incorporate more of my altered tuning acoustic guitar parts to the compositions. I have some 80+ pieces of older Earth Balm music, some even older Pre-Earth Balm songs and some 30+ acoustic guitar arrangements to keep me busy.

I guess I won’t be seeing daylight for several months.

Hope you all have a peaceful and prosperous 2018.


Edit December 27th @ 12.55: Thanks to Andy Long for suggesting this book.

Edit December 27th @ 19.33: Of course this means that all of the Cubase Files I recently converted from Acid Pro files now need to be converted to Logic Pro X files.

4 thoughts on “Cubase and Logic help

  1. So sad to hear that when people retire it is so difficult to make ends meet 😦 Sorry to hear my friend!

    As for you getting down to work re-doing some of your music – THAT is fantastic news! The news of you working with and learning Logic is also good as I am also trying to learn the tips and tricks!
    One YouTube series I’ve found very helpful is from MusicTechHelpGuy

    1. earthbalm

      Thanks very much Paul. I too have watched most of the MusictechHelp Guy videos. They have proved invaluable. I’m seriously considering taking some of the songs out on the road, just to hear what they sound like with a real band playing – not just me. If I find any more sources of Logic help, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the message and, please, keep me up to date with YOUR progress.

      1. My progress keeps getting cut between using Logic and my iPad. I REALLY like the portability and interaction with the touch interface but Logic is so very capable in live situations.

      2. earthbalm

        I had to return my school owned iPad when I finished full time teaching and I know that had I retained it, I would be using Garageband for a lot of work. Downloading the Logic control app for the iPad is a must. I haven’t thought about using Logic live but that may well be a wise move. I’m currently saving for a GR-55 guitar synth and I know that could be used to control all the soft synths I have via Logic. But then… I would have to buy a Macbook!

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