I thought that I might start taking my time and make a proper effort with the blog. Perhaps re-organise and give all posts a structure and may be even rename – take out the ‘Music’ from the title as it’s as much about books (and children’s in particular) as is it about Music.



Photograph of meself on the North Yorkshire Moors.
‘Tis I, on the North Yorkshire Moors.

9 thoughts on “Next…

    1. … [pressed SEND by mistake] but have a byeline that draws together musical and literary interests? Perhaps using the relevant Muses? (I think Terpsichore is only about dance but can’t be sure…)

      1. earthbalm

        Thanks for taking the time to think and suggest. It’s an interesting comment about keeping the Earth Balm as I was going to ditch the moniker for the new music.

    2. earthbalm

      Thanks Chris. Excellent suggestions. I particularly like the first. I feel I need to be doing something useful while I job search. Who knows, a change to the blog might even be useful in the research for *mpl*yment.

      1. If you’re no longer wedded to Earth Balm (a singular title which I’m fine with — after all, Calmgrove is a lot more opaque by comparison — but perhaps a bit New Agey for attracting new readers) then the world’s your ostrich, isn’t it.

        ‘Words and Music’ is simple, memorable, and does what it says on the tin.
        ‘Something to a Muse’ is wittyish and harks back to the Muses of Music and Poetry (whose names still escape me).
        ‘Lyre, Lyre’ brings in the idea of lyrics (links to words AND music) underlining the fact that the word ‘lyrics’ referred to poetry sung to the accompaniment of said instrument. It also echoes the doggerel ‘Liar, liar | Pants on fire | Nose as long as a | Telephone wire’ … though perhaps, on second thoughts …

        Enough for starters?

      2. earthbalm

        More great suggestions to consider Chris. A very good start but please feel free to make further comments. Thanks.

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