Classic Vibe Telecaster® Custom

I tried out a couple of Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom guitars today, one in PMT, Cardiff and the other in Gamlins, Cardiff. Both were very nice guitars, great value for money and the correct sound especially with a little delay and flanger (MXR) in the signal path. Just right for my Andy Summers phase!  Arriving home, I realised I can get exactly the same sound with the phase switch engaged on my Ibanez Blazer BL350 but it would be nice to have the correct ‘look’. I thought I might try to sell off some more of my unused guitars and spend the money on one of these ‘Teles’.

I also tried out a Japanese built Fender Telecaster® Custom too (in PMT) but it didn’t feel as easy to play, the action was a little higher and the neck felt a little larger.

As a slight aside, I hope the two musical instrument stores and any other still operating in South Wales (and elsewhere) can continue to operate but the customer base seems to be shrinking.

Chinese made Fender Squier Telecaster® Custom

3 thoughts on “Classic Vibe Telecaster® Custom

  1. It seems to me that, even more than books and bookshops, you really need a physical place (let’s call it a music shop, for the sake of argument) you can go to, pick up a few instruments to try out, and all before you actually make a purchase. The fewer outlets that exist the worse we the musicians are served — in all senses of that phrase. Does any real practising musician buy their instrument online?

    1. earthbalm

      I agree. I cannot comment on brass or percussion etc. but The two Chinese made Telecasters I tried yesterday were exactly the same – probably made via computerised milling machine but they were also different! I think that it’s the minutia that players sense. I had hoped that PMT Music moving in to Cardiff would stimulate sales making Cardiff a place where guitar shoppers, at the very least, could ‘flock’. However, within a year the magnificent Cranes had closed and (yesterday) another store seemed to be having trouble – though I hope I’m wrong.
      As an aside, I paid a visit to the Newport Fugitive folk club last Thursday and finally performed again. I thoroughly enjoyed it and shall be endeavouring to inflict a few more tunes on them this coming week.

      1. Good for you; I really love performing (in ensemble though rather than solo) and welcome any opportunity to do so!

        As for instruments, my only real experience is with pianos and keyboards, but it also applied to purchasing classroom instruments — the quality of manufacture and sound varied/varies enormously, even for simple things like claves and recorders and cymbals, and I never just ordered stuff online for school, only instruments I’d picked out in a shop.

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