LuxRender versus iRay (again)

Have been experimenting further with Daz studio and rendering simultaneously with both iRay and LuxRender (via the Reality plug-in).

I thought I’d share my two most recent renders:

lake lady with dragon 03iray
Picture of Daz Studio composition rendered with iray. Copyright (c) Dale Warner 2017
Picture of Daz Studio composition rendered with LuxRender via Reality. Copyright (c) Dale Warner 2017

It’s difficult to say which is better as both have their strengths. I think another composite is in order!

Later… and here it is:

Picture of Daz Studio composite render. Copyright (c) Dale Warner 2017

Conclusion: The composite lightened the Lux image and softened off some of the sharpness of the iRay render (difficult to see at this small scale I know – the originals are 2500 x 1406 pixels at 300 dpi).

First time I’ve ever rendered a dragon as it’s a bit of a cliche but the Daz Millennium Dragon has such nice texturing (needs a sharper bump map and less glossiness though!).


4 thoughts on “LuxRender versus iRay (again)

  1. I like the composite most. The first one has better tonal range and I the second one the light seems better placed, although a bit dark. Just my thoughts – nice renders!

    1. Thanks Jo. The second render has a Reality mesh light to highlight the figure. You can do so much in the software these days can’t you? I’m hankering after a graphic tablet but I’ve bought a few in the past and sold them on unused though in those days, I was teaching and didn’t have the time to try things out. I also ought to get my monitor calibrated as you can adjust the tonality on the fly in Reality by adjusting light sources as the image renders. Again, thanks for the feedback.

      1. I use a good quality low end graphics tablet which I really like and would recommend if you want to try that route again…

        Wacom Intuos CTH-490AK-S Art Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet – Small.

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