Charity shop bargain books

I managed to buy some fantastic books from charity shops in Swansea today:

  • A hardback version of Michael Morpurgo’s “Arthur High King of Britain” with illustrations by Michael Foreman
  • “The Fantastic Kingdom” a collection of illustrations from the golden days of storytelling
  • A hard cover first edition of Ian Serraillier’s “The Challenge of the Green Knight” with illustrations by Victor G. Ambrus
  • A hard cover copy of Rosemary Sutcliff’s “Sword at Sunset”

Perhaps a bit too much Arthur in one day for me but what a wealth of great story tellers and illustrators!

Looking forward to reading.

I’m also currently reading and thoroughly enjoying Sherwood Anderson’s “Winesburg, Ohio”


2 thoughts on “Charity shop bargain books

  1. I envy you the Sutcliff in particular…

    It’s interesting: I’m finding it harder and harder to find charity bookshops with decent selections of of children’s and teenage paperbacks (apart from copies of Blyton or the inevitable Narnia titles). It’s as if suddenly these are being hoarded instead of recycled. Decent secondhand bookshops often only stock collector’s hardback editions these days too instead of a decent range of kids titles. Is it just me or the shops I go to?

    1. No need to envy me, when I’ve finished reading the Sutcliff book, you may have it if you wish.
      I’ve not been looking at books in second-hand shops for very long so I’m not able to comment on what is happening in them. I did buy 3 folio editions (my first ever Folios) for £2 a piece last week in Newport though afterwards wondered why I’d done so when I didn’t really want to read any of them. Nor did I intend to buy anything yesterday and was just killing time while the wife was shopping.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Chris.

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