More Bradbury

Having finished reading Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, I’ve just begun his anthology “Summer Morning, Summer Night”. This set of stories contains one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever had the good fortune to read – “All On A Summer’s Night“. It seems quite autobiographical in nature when set against the interviews with Ray Bradbury that I’ve watched and read recently. Young Douglas Spaulding , who lives at his grandmother’s house with a varied set of boarders, makes a touching gesture to local librarian (and also another boarder) Miss Eleanora Welkes who mistakes the gesture for a romantic one from one of the male boarders. Everything about the story is delightful.

I bought my copy from Waterstones – a Harper voyager edition with a cover price of just £2.99. Really, a bargain!

ray brad summer
Picture of the cover of Ray Bradbury’s “Summer Morning, Summer Night”.

5 thoughts on “More Bradbury

    1. earthbalm

      I love the gentle quality of the stories as much as Bradbury’s poetic writing style. The book has motivated me to go looking for a copy of ‘Winesburgh Ohio’ that keeps appearing in most interviews with Bradbury. Again, thanks for starting me on this journey. And, it is good to have a male writer join my ‘favourite writers’ list, at last!

      1. For me it’s been a delight to newly discover established authors that I know my younger self wouldn’t have appreciated half or a quarter as much. Bradbury certainly seems to be one of those, for me as well as for you!

        And, yes, it’s interesting that our sensitivities are currently for female writers over male, very intriguing.

      2. earthbalm

        I’m currently listyening to a Librivox recording of Sherwood Anderson’s “Winesburg, Ohio” and I’m enjoying it so much I’ve bought a copy from that well known auction site. I’ve also purchased a copy of “What the Neighbours Did” by Philippa Pearce – very much a teenage favourite of mine. I’m beginning to think that a path is being created for me 🙂 . Enjoy the bank holiday Mr Lovegrove.

      3. And you too, Dale! It’s the weekend of the Crichowell Music Festival and, as well as listening to a concert of lute songs I’m singing choral music by, among others, Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Delalande, Haydn, CPE Bach and Mozart. So, quite busy and of course a delight!

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