Enjoying iRay, at last

I know there are so many important things going on in this world but even though I find myself becoming ever more political, I am too ill informed on almost all of them to even attempt to comment.

So, I have this blog, a little bubble in the ether, as a sanctuary from reality.

Reality and LuxRender are two pieces of software (which I always called “programmes” but now feel obliged to call “apps” or “applications”) that I have enjoyed using to render my Daz Studio files for the last 3 to 4 years. The set up gives very fine physically accurate and photographic quality renders.

However, I’ve recently spent time with Daz Studio’s inbuilt and nVidia powered “iRay” renderer. I love the grainy and painterly character of what I’m currently getting. Below, I have included 2 renders to demonstrate the difference.

Figure on the savanna. Rendered using iRay. Copyright Dale Warner 2017.
A Steampunk Forest. Copyright Dale Warner 2014.
A Steampunk Forest. A Reality and Lux render. Copyright Dale Warner 2014.

5 thoughts on “Enjoying iRay, at last

  1. Well, these are impressive renders, Dale. Never got into these kind of apps though I love visuals. (Still a bit wedded to 2D images created by ‘conventional’ means — whatever those are these days.)

    1. Thanks Chris. My degree is in art education (not teaching though – that was a separate PGCE) but I’ve long lost the ability to draw or paint with any control. I too love good old fashioned physical artwork. Perhaps I might try illustrating some UKLG narratives – “just for the ‘ammer” as they say?

  2. I was reading William Gibson’s ‘Spook Country’ today and came across a character in the book, a guy called Alberto, who makes digital art a lot like the stuff you’re doing here. Last time I read this book somewhere in 2008 or 2009 I could only visualise the process as future tech, at the time only available to big filmmakers. Now it’s kind of stunning that I am reading it again thinking that I know of someone who is actually doing this! Technology seems to be expanding massively with powerful tools becoming available to many people.

    Would love to see more of your artwork!

    1. Thanks Jo. The technology is free – Daz Studio is a fantastic tool and is given away in the hope that you will invest in (paid for) content. I originally bought it to render figures i was going t then draw – a sort of virtual mannequin. My artwork is nothing special though – my degree was in sculpture but cheers anyway. 🙂

      1. I downloaded Daz Studio the other day actually. Oddly enough it was for exactly the same reason. I was struggling with that ‘Love’s Sacrifice’ painting I’m working on, trying to get the figure posed correctly. In the end I went with an Android app called ArtPose which I found I could use more easily. I think I’ve still got Daz on my machine though so maybe I should have a play with it. It looks pretty impressive.

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