Alternative Realities

Been thinking about the different vehicles for Alternative (or if you’re American, “Alternate”) Realities in literature and related media forms. The list I came up with isn’t as large as I thought it would be and I’ve duplicated several times in my mapping. I’ll post the results at a later date when I’ve given it sufficient thought.

Edit: I was also thinking wider than just a multitude of universes and into altered states of consciousness etc. or the creation of alternate worlds e.g. Myst.


3 thoughts on “Alternative Realities

  1. If ‘alternate’ (history, reality, world) wasn’t so predominant I’d much prefer to refer to ‘alternative’. The latter implies one among many, to my way of thinking anyway, whereas the former suggests there is only one other. In terms of worlds, I like the term ‘multiverse’.

    1. I agree with the use of ‘alternative’, ‘alternate’ seems to imply just two – one and then the other in rotation.

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