Avalon L325 acoustic guitar

This Avalon is now sold.


The time has come to part with the musical instrument, software etc that I haven’t used in a long while.

My Ireland built Avalon L325 Legacy Premier that I purchased new from the Cheltenham Acoustic Guitar show has been out of its case less than a dozen times and so falls into that category. The instrument is a beautiful one and although I loved it at the show, I thought it too expensive to play regularly or put on a stand when I got it back home. It has a Hiscox case and all of the paperwork that originally came with it. It was built in the original Avalon factory in Newtownards, Ireland.

Enough writing. Here are the pictures:

avalon and case
Avalon L325 guitar and case.
avalon only
Avalon L325 guitar top and side.
full avalon back
Avalon L325 figured rosewood back.
avalon side figuring
Avalon L325 figured side. Sides are bookmatched.
avalon soundhole
B Band magnet and condenser mic pickup.
avalon headstock back
Avalon L325 back of headstock
avalon headstock front
Avalon L325 headstock front
avalon mark
Only damage on guitar (just to the right of the penny).



13 thoughts on “Avalon L325 acoustic guitar

    1. I know sorry Andy. It’s advertised on my favourite acoustic guitar forum only. I had to post pictures here for them to appear in the forum. I’m looking for approximately £1200 to a UK only buyer – selling rosewood abroad is now very problematic.
      Thanks for reblogging. Looking forward to the Magenta gig.

    1. It is but I never ever play it and it reminds me of my own immaturity at a time when my father was ill. I managed to apologise to him a few times before he passed away but the guitar is still a reminder.

    1. Thought I’d sold it but there was a last minute hiccup. I’m going to keep it for a while yet thanks but it’s going to live in its case.

      1. Hello again
        I understand. I was quite hopeful as I have long wanted an Avalon and thought yours to be perfect for me! If you would reconsider please let me know as I’m very interested. If you have a problem shipping to Ireland, I could have someone else bring it over from England if needs be. Please do let me know.
        Best wishes

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