Blah! Blah! Blah!

Everything below is just opinion and rambling, feel free to ignore it.

Where to begin eh? You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Being outside of a school environment and having time to take in the world at large is having a detrimental effect on me. Listening to Radio 4 isn’t helping. I heard a fascinating The Long View and Unforgettable this morning. The former was about fake news (William of Norwich) and the latter about Mary Whitehouse. I won’t bore you with the content of the programmes or the way that each affected me but please don’t let me stop you from listening to them.

Not having marking, record keeping, and preparation for lessons to complete any longer, I’m able to get out into the world more (like some web encrusted cleric or academic cut loose from their discipline). It’s a world not unlike that of that of the Stepford Wives.

It’s difficult to understand how human beings can be so subtly (and forcibly) influenced and misled. I would be a conspiracy theorist but I have a feeling that conspiracy theory is just a part of the conspiracy.

I watched a youtube video about the rise of the Rothschild family but wonder how much of the information may be propagated by antisemitics. And here lies the problem (discussed in the The Long View programme. Human interaction and communication (it seems to me) has always enabled misinformation and dishonesty to move from the parochial to the international but social media has accelerated the process and created a situation where it is impossible to retract the kernel of the lie (Why do we say kernel now instead of nucleus and why are the words narrative and propagated used so frequently?) .

Apologies if this post has seemed to jump about and lack cohesion. But then, that is my view of the human condition – we don’t experience our existence in a linear and continuous way. Rather a piecemeal, fragmented fashion which we try to stitch together in our understanding.

And I bet that none of this is new thinking c.f. William of Norwich.

I expect I’ll be returning to this post, adding to it and editing it as the whim takes me out here in ether-land.

Please don’t mistake the tone of this post for passive aggression.

John Everett Millais – Mariana. Posted because it’s my favourite painting ever, no other reason!



4 thoughts on “Blah! Blah! Blah!

  1. We’re hardwired to look for recognisible patterns in order to make sense of the world — it stops us having to reinvent the wheel as it were each time we have a new experience.

    The problem comes when we only seek out things that reinforce what we already think, and thus reject notions that don’t conform to our expectations.

    I suspect also, because life is already complex, many people are looking for certainty and, having found what they think it is, aren’t willing to have their preconceptions change.

    Yes, it’s depressing.

  2. Your post reminds me forcibly of what I heard about the ages of humanity. The idea is that we’re now moving out of the industrial age into the information age. I’ve had a similar sense of apprehension to you about the way outright lies and warped views move so far and so fast now we have the internet. I wonder if in the past, as industialisation gathered pace, the people then had similar misgivings about the changes they were witnessing?

    Since Spetember I’ve had kind of the opposite experience – that of moving INTO a school environment. I’ve found it to be a positive change, leaving behind politics, ‘big media’ and significant amounts of cynicism and finding a simpler more genuine community in the school. I work in KS1 ans KS2 so things are very straight-forward there – the children have little or no capacity for subtext and lies are obvious. It’s a life I enjoy.

    1. I’d still be enjoying it if it weren’t for records and targets and treating children like products. I miss the honesty and sense of fun and creativity of children – all things that education is currently suppressing. I also miss the sense of community and company of other teachers.

      1. I know what you mean. I got out of regular education and into special needs education because we can treat children properly, like whole individual little people.

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