My Ibanez Blazers

I paid a visit to Cardiff today and tried a PRS SE guitar. It was very nice if a little ‘toppy’ (though that may have been the Marshall amp I tried it through). I couldn’t be sure if it was as good as my pair of Japanese ’81 Ibanez Blazers. I plugged the guitars in when I got home and also A/B ed them against the Vintage AFD and the Yamaha SG1000 that I have been using to practise,  just to see how they fared.

Conclusion: When I begin selling gear after I retire from teaching, I’ll be keeping the Ibanezes and selling my other electric guitars. The Blazers have a lower action and ‘faster’ neck than my other electrics and have both a ‘rib cutaway’ and an ‘arm bevel’ that my other guitars lack.

I’m listening to more and more ‘Prog rock’ though I’m not sure that’s a good thing 🙂 and hoping to find/establish a suitable band to perform with. I wish I’d kept the third (pictured left below).

Photograph of my 3 '81 Blazers, all in a row.
3 ’81 Blazers, all in a row.

2 thoughts on “My Ibanez Blazers

  1. I don’t think prog rock is so bad. I listened to it a lot when I was a teenager – mainly by osmosis since my friends all listened to it. I particularly remember liking ELP Works Vol 1 – the Greg Lake (side 2) and their version of Copeland’s ‘Fanfare to the Common Man’ on Side 4. I still think it’s great music!

    I think guitars are sometimes almost like family. I had a semi acoustic jazz guitar once. It wasn’t any great make but I knew this guy who was a genius guitar tech and I paid him for a full set up and fret dress. It was the most beautiful guitar I ever owned. It just played like a dream with this lovely warm jazz sound. It’s been five years now and I still miss it. I was concentrating on classical at the time and couldn’t bring myself to sell the Admira Vituoso and I didn’t think I had room for both, especially with the amp. I should have made room!

    1. Liking prog doesn’t come easy to me but I’m getting there Jo. Some guitars just fit you like a glove don’t they? Thanks for the post.

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