Jane Eyre

I’ve had a change of heart about “Wuthering Heights” (which is fairly typical of me). I appreciate it much more now I am reading and thoroughly enjoying “Jane Eyre”. I’m enjoying the book so much I thought I’d read up a little more about the Brontës and their lives particularly, since the books are so very similar in tone and style. It seems that so much of the novels is autobiographical, which makes me more mindful when I think about “Wuthering Heights”. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is next up for reading which makes one novel from each of the three sisters. I’ll post how I get on, but right now I really am enjoying “Jane Eyre“.




One thought on “Jane Eyre

  1. The only Bronte novel I’ve so far read is Charlotte’s early work ‘The Professor’ (afterwards recast as ‘Villette’) but I’m trying to ration out the sisters’ work, having come to them so late. Certainly the insights gained from knowing some of their extraordinary (and rather tragic) autobiographies can give their novels a bit more authenticity and power.

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