Mortimer, Arabel

Here’s a lucky find from Oxfam, Bristol today:mortimer

I started reading it while I waited for my wife outside House of Fraser. The characters are just as quirky and original as I remember from Jackanory – I laughed aloud a few times.

“Mortimer was going through a phase of hoping to find diamonds everywhere.” Well, I found one!


5 thoughts on “Mortimer, Arabel

  1. I’ve yet to fall under the spell of Arabel and Mortimer — saving it till I’ve read more of Joan’s YA and adult stuff, or maybe until the youngest grandkids are ready for it!

    1. There’s a strangely adult character to the humour. Quite dry in flavour. Arabel is more of the adult and the adults quite childish. Mortimer provides the fun. I’ll be searching out more, they really are perfect for my current class.

    1. I remember Mortimer and Arabel from Jackanory when I was quite a lot younger but hadn’t seen any books for a long, long time. Will check out the amazon link pronto.

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