David Bowie

I was very sad and shocked to hear of David Bowie’s passing. It is a great loss to popular music.


3 thoughts on “David Bowie

  1. I must admit that I have not much to say besides RIP to a great musician and performer. I am left very sad. My major memory of one of his songs was back in the mid 80s when I used to sing and over a course of about a fortnight I performed Space Oddity before several audiences in a show. RIP

    1. I thought I didn’t like his music very much but bought a double CD of his best as I was in a band playing two or three of his songs. When I played through the CD, I thought to myself several times over the course of listening, “Well I’ve always liked that but didn’t know it was his” and “I’d forgotten he wrote that. Highly creative, musically and theatrically and a great, positive influence on western music in my opinion. As you said, “RIP to a great musician and performer”.

    2. Sorry I’m not able to post much at the mo’. I’m travelling to visit my dad in hospital most nights on top of doing my school work.

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