Shaftesbury Barney Kessel

As I posted on Twitter, I bought myself a Shaftesbury copy of a Gibson Barney Kessel guitar for the new year. It came with its original receipt from 1972. My first electric guitar was a Shaftesbury Barney Kessel and without doubt, nostalgia played the biggest part in my purchase. It’s in need of some maintenance and I’ll be working on it over the next few months when I get time.

Here’s a video of it being played rather nicely by its previous owner Colin Stephens:


2 thoughts on “Shaftesbury Barney Kessel

    1. earthbalm

      It’s a good purchase in as much as it fills me with happy nostalgia and it is a very playable guitar. If the criteria for a good purchase is need, I’m not so sure :).

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