Short pause

Shall n’t be posting about the York visit after all –  I need to get some school preparation done.

Here are some pictures of the visit.


3 thoughts on “Short pause

  1. It’s hard, isn’t it, not to feel like a voyeur, but if sharing pictures like these brings it home just a little bit more that our governments and greedy corporations feeding a rampant consumerism are peddling an unsustainable bubble then it’s worth it. It’s not ‘just one of those things’ or ‘why doesn’t the government build more flood defences’ — all our collective actions have consequences. It’s not just me tapping away on a laptop using up energy, but I’m contributing to the problem.

    Sorry, rant over.

    1. I was going to comment about how the media hasn’t exaggerated with their coverage but felt it better to keep quiet on this occasion.
      I’m in complete agreement about consequences – a butterfly flaps its wings etc. I don’t think it was a rant – I don’t think any event is as simple as there being one single cause. Back to planning for specific lessons tomorrow. Bought the Kingdom and the Cave and The Winter Sleepwalker while in York. I’ll have a Joan Aiken couple of nights later this week.
      Take care ‘Grove.

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