Midnight is a Place

I finished reading the Joan Aiken book “Midnight is a Place’ this morning. It’s an absolutely brilliant book, teeming with ideas about freewill, social pressure and individual morality. It instantly became my favourite Joan Aiken book, which is some achievement because it is in such quality company. The power of great children’s fiction. For me, these books are just as inspirational as books on spirituality or biographies.



5 thoughts on “Midnight is a Place

  1. I agree about it teeming with ideas, so much so that I’ve been hesitant about committing to one of my usual largescale reviews in case I don’t do it justice. I only got round to it a couple of months ago but wish I’d approached it earlier. Interestingly it overlaps with the Wolves books only in that it shares a principal location — Blastburn — with a couple of the later titles. I also fancy that it dates a little later than Dido’s day, perhaps the late 1850s or the1860s.

    1. earthbalm

      Yes to all your points and it was great to read a narrative without Dido although Anna-Marie was a more-than-capable protagonist. I was also struck by the fact that Joan Aiken didn’t shy away from Davey’s death at the hands of Bludward. It’s also gratifying that Lady Murgatroyd is an example of grace and kindness to the children. But as the character points out, behaviour and morality seem to have little to do with social standing in this book. A pleasurable read for sure! Thanks for commenting, I shall read your review shortly.

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