Croopus! It’s Night Birds on Nantucket!

Yes, my copy of “Night Birds on Nantucket” arrived this morning. But I’ve already begun “Midnight is a Place”. Now what to do next? Do I ditch “Midnight” and start “Night Birds” or do I wait to read the next Dido Twite adventure? It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things I know.

Back to school on Monday! My class will know the word “Croopus” before the morning is out 🙂


2 thoughts on “Croopus! It’s Night Birds on Nantucket!

    1. earthbalm

      It’s a great resource isn’t it? Handy to have next to you as you’re reading the “Wolves” series. Didn’t have enough copies of “Wolves” to use for guided reading and gone are the days when we used to get kids to buy the class text. Will probably borrow from the local library. I’m determined to introduce my class to your mum’s work. 🙂

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