Dido Twite

I finished “Blackhearts in Battersea” yesterday and was happy with how all the threads were pulled together except one – the fate of Dido Twite. My favourite character killed off 3/4 of the way through the novel. I thought, “How could Joan Aiken knock-off the book’s most lovable character?”.

Fast forward to this morning and a trip to Bristol. Waterstones managed to prise open my wallet once again and take out the money for two more Joan Aiken books – “The Stolen Lake” and “Midnight is a Place”. Guess what? Dido is alive and well though it seems that I need to buy “Night Birds on Nantucket” to find out what happened to her after “Blackhearts in Battersea”. So, I’ll read “Midnight” first and see if I can get “Nantucket” in the mean time.

Loving this set of books as much as I did the “Earthsea” sequence a few months ago.






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