Logic Pro X and Kontakt

Buying the Yamaha guitar has given me a shot of enthusiasm for music creating again. here’s an excellent video showing how to use Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5 with Apple’s logic Pro 10.2:


2 thoughts on “Logic Pro X and Kontakt

  1. Music – another aspiration of mine that requires more attention! I have three guitars that I have barely touched since my band collapsed two and a half decades ago. I really need to work out how to become independently wealthy so I won’t need to work and can instead spend time of fun stuff 🙂

    1. earthbalm

      I have to admit that I have far more guitars than I need. I would sell some of them but at the moment, with the economy low, isn’t worth it but it does irk me that they take up so much space. I have a lot of music from my days at mp3.com that I will be releasing when I retire from work in a few years time (God willing) and I am working on that material in the space time I have. But… Go on, pick up those guitars, you owe it to yourself.

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