The Dispossessed

Have just finished Ursula K LeGuin’s novel “The Dispossessed”. A more beautiful and well constructed adult novel I cannot imagine. Bursting with ideas about society and language. I will need to read it a few more times before I get close to understanding much of it.

Image of the cover of "The Dispossessed" by Ursula K LeGuin. Copyright Gollancz.
Image of the cover of “The Dispossessed” by Ursula K LeGuin. Copyright Gollancz.

2 thoughts on “The Dispossessed

  1. I’m aiming to reread this next year since I hope to embark on a revisit of several series, many fantasy, that are sitting on my shelves. As well as Le Guin’s Ekumen SF stories there are of course all her Earthsea books (not just the quartet), Aiken’s Wolves chronicles, Robert Silverberg’s Majipoor sequence, Philip Reeves’ Mortal Engines, Pullman’s His Dark Materials and — who knows? — maybe Tolkien as well. And that’s just the SFF stuff: I want to finish Austen’s last two novels, make a start on the Bronte’s works and … well, the list is endless. I’ll be interested to read your take on The Dispossessed — heady stuff as I remember it.

    1. earthbalm

      I just had to buy and read all of the Earthsea books. Time well spent I’d say. Pullman’s books I love though I was disappointed with the final in the “His dark Materials” series. The Dispossessed is my favourite UKLG book purely because she seems to be working through her ideas about an anarchical state and the implications of the existence of one. It’s interesting (but not surprising) that the book’s protagonist Shevek is (for me) the most ethical of all the characters. The book also seems tho be exploring ideas about the morals of individuals and the collective rules and laws of societies.A very interesting book and one which will improve with re-readings, I think.

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